Mercedes-Benz E Class S211 / T-Model (without ADS) Rear Left Air Spring


Mercedes-Benz is known for improving the already positive driving characteristics of the E-Class S211 (T-model) with an optional air suspension system. Our Aerosus rear left air spring is a spare part for this air suspension. It fits into all S211 E-Class models without ADS built between 2002 and 2009. The air spring is delivered with an integrated solenoid valve. In addition, it has a specially crafted rolling piston and clamping rings, which are attached to the air spring so that they don’t "seize" and thus can’t trigger a leak. The spare part can be fitted immediately.
Presence of ADS
The offered Aerosus air spring is designed for vehicles with level control, but with ADS. Before buying online, check if your E-Class has ADS (Adaptive Damping System). You can determine this as follows: If you have a selector switch for the Comfort and Sport modes of the air suspension in the cockpit of your vehicle, then the ADS system is present. Another distinguishing feature is the PINs of the electrical connection. ADS vehicles have three PINs on the connection, while vehicles without ADS have two PINs.
A Defective Level Control Means Less Safety
If there is an air spring leaking, then the vehicle will lower on the rear axle overnight. This usually happens when the air spring, which is mostly made of rubber, wears out after years of operation and becomes porous. Hence, the level control can no longer hold or change the vehicle’s level position due to escaping compressed air. The vehicle lowers on one side at the back, stays crooked and the overall balance is lost. The compressor runs for too long as it tries to provide the required air pressure for the air suspension. That causes it to overheat. If you don’t change a defective air spring quickly, then you should expect considerable follow-up costs.
Wear Leaves Traces
Air springs are wearing parts. As a rule, age and use leave their mark on both sides of the axis simultaneously. You therefore always have to change both air springs of an axle together. This causes higher costs, but unfortunately can’t be prevented. In order to accommodate you financially, we offer 10% discount on pair purchase.
Do not take a defective air suspension lightly. By doing so, you endanger the driving stability and lose the comfortable braking and handling. With uneven load distribution or difficult road conditions with many curves, a functioning level control is absolutely necessary.
Quality Inspection
Our spare parts, and in particular our air springs, are made of OEM-specified materials and stand out due to their matching accuracy, quality and longevity. We ensure this through expert controls in Germany. Stress tests and material tests are constantly carried out. We trust our Aerosus air springs and therefore give you 2 years limited warranty on our product. If you aren’t satisfied with the air spring for your T-model E-Class S211, simply take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. In any case, you must act quickly and exchange defective air springs. Online purchase is easy and quick. You have your spare part in a short time and can install the new air springs quickly.
Our Aerosus rear left air spring for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class S211 without ADS has an important role in your air suspension and thus ensures the excellent driving and braking characteristics of your vehicle with maximum comfort.

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