Oxygen Sensor Spacer Engine Light CEL Check Bung Mini Catalytic Converter


Feature:1. M18x1.5mm threaded oxygen sensors.2. Made from premium material, anti rust and durable.3. Can fix actually has a miniature catalytic converter built inside.4. The O2 CEL fixture actually incorporates the M18X1.5 miniature catalytic converter, which helps to get rid of the modified exhaust or the inspection engine light after removing the catalytic converter.5. If the real catalytic converter is damaged, the CEL eliminator can reduce toxic gases.6. If the O2 sensor is too sensitive, the CEL will still open after loading the canceller, and all problems on the CEL alarm will not be resolved. It can only solve one of the P0420 codes – Fault Catalytic Converter.Specification:Thread: M18X1.5mmMaterials: IronColor: SilverSize: As pictures shownPackage Included:1 Set Of Oxygen Sensor Spacer Kit

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