PA-80D 12V 1000W Car Audio High Power Amplifier Amp Board Powerful Subwoofer Bass Amp


PA-80D12V 1000W Car Audio High Power Amplifier Amp Board Powerful Subwoofer Bass AmpSpecification:Model: PA-80DProduct Name: Car AmplifierSubwoofer Type: Subwoofer SpeakerColor: BlackMaterial: MetalChannels: 1-ChannelOperating Voltage: 12VFrequency Response: 30Hz~280KHzRated Power: 600WPeak Power: 1000WImpedance: 4-8 ΩSNR: 105dBATHD: 0.1%Size: 23.5×15.5cm (LXW)Qty: 1pcFeatures:Current Overload, Short Circuits, Thermal Overload, DC Offset.Mono 1000 Watts Car Audio Amplifier gives you a wonderful in-car entertainment.High power, good sound quality, no distortion, give you a great hearing enjoyment.Light weight, handy and easy to install.Powerful bass.Wiring:1. Speaker connection: amplifier board has a good piece of red and black wire welding can be accessed by a 4-8 Euro100-150W bass or full-range speaker or speakers (red pick horn + , black pick speaker – is recommended to use 4 ohm8-12 inch 45 core 100-170 magnetic bass ) ;2. Power connectionA. Car has a CD player : GND then negative vehicle power ; 12V 12V power supply connected to the car s positive ;REM CD player connected to the control line (sothe CD player can directly control the subwoofer amplifier on and off )B. Car no CD player : GND connected to the negative power of the car , + 12V and REM connected together in positive12V car power ( + 12V can also be an indirectone with REM switch control amplifier switching function ) ;C. Directly with the battery (battery) connection : GND connect the battery negative , + 12V

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