Redbike RB-500 black/silver, jet helmet


The Redbike RB-500 2-COLOURED is a classic half-shell helmet for motorcycle riders with a penchant for nostalgia. This helmet with the timeless design of the 50s has a key lock and a built-in goggles loop. The Redbike RB-500 2-COLOURED is not without reason an extraordinary alternative to the otherwise available helmets on the market. Features
fiberglass sealed with clear lacquer leather neck piece anti-allergic lining sizes S – XXL
This motorcycle helmet does not correspond to the ECE standard. The use in the public traffic happens therefore on own danger. For possibly arising damage by inappropriate handling importer and retailers cannot be made liable.Note Please note that as long as nothing else is written in the article description, all helmets that have a visor as standard will be delivered with a clear one, even if it is shown differently.

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