TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System Wireless Alarm Sensor w/ 4 External Sensors + LCD Display


Feature:1.Wireless TPMS real time monitors the pressure and temperature of the tires and battery voltage with the digital LCD screen,help you monitor the vehicle from various aspects. Inbuilt 1.5 A charging port is suitable for charging on the journey.2.The monitor supports visual and audible warning, Bar/ Psi pressure/ temperature unit for selection, clearly showing exactreading at day and night. The default alarm pressure is: 2 Bar/3 Bar(29 Psi/44 Psi) and can be customized by 2 buttons.3.First use, install 4 sensors then turn on the monitor. When the car runs for about 2 minutes, the monitor can receive thesensors data on time. Since the monitor has no battery so it should be connected to the cigarette lighter when you use it.4.When put the monitor in a power outlet that turns off with the engine, the monitor would save its last readings. The tirepressure data would update after a few seconds as you start the car, no need driving. The system will work even if the car isnot in motion.5.Available for 4 tires household vehicles up to 6 meters.Special car style like sport cars, trailers, trucks will not be available.Sensor signal distance: The normal distance is 3-5 meters (10-16 ft). Beyond 10 meters (33 ft), the signal would not be clear.6.The TPMS couldnt deal with vehicles that require different alarm tire pressures in different tires.7.The alarm wont be low even if you have the radio going. You could stop it by pressing random button.8.You should use the included sensors,

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