ESCAM Robot QN02 HD 720P Smart WIFI IP Camera


*Robot WIFI Camera: It's not only a 720P high definition WIF camera, but a funny toy with robot appearance and actions.
*Baby monitor built-in MIC and speakers, two way audio monitoring.
*APP Remote Control: Support for Android/iOS mobile devices remote control: viewing, photography, video recording and share, etc.
*Digital control your robot moving remotely by putting your finger on APP via your phone screen.
*Mobility Follow Your Baby: It is amazing that wherever your baby is, ESCAM robot would move and find him. Act as a loyal partner, make you peace of mind.
*Robot Interactions: Motion sensing game and interesting accompany: Laugh Loud, Coquetry, Turn Around.
*Touch Interactive: When you touch the shoulder, head, or belly of the robot, it will interactive with you.
*Sensing Expressions: You can send different expression to robot, it will act as the expression, such as shy, laugh, or depressed.
*Cosplay with Modified Tone: You can play different tones of your words, the robot will play the audio in 4 different tones, such as cartoon tone, mother's tone, etc.

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