Grade A LFP 3.2v 320ah LifePO4 Battery Cell 302AH 310AH Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries For RV Solar Energy Golf Cart


3.2V 280Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Long life Battery with 10 years lifetime.5000 Cycles.Longer service life. its service life can up to 10 years, lead-acid’s service life only 3 years. Lightweight. its weight is only one-third the weight of lead acid batteries.More stable and Safer. the chemical of LiFePO4 battery is very stable. so it’s very safer than lead acid battery. This lithium iron phosphate batteries The superior high temperature and storage performance make LiFePO4 the most suitable one for 12v Li-ion battery positive material. solar batteries LiFePO4 material battery is safe than LiCoO2 and LiMn2O4 for it’s stable structure can be kept very well under continuous charging and discharging situations. We can customize any capacity Battery and size you want!We can produce all the batteries listed below!If you have requirments,please write to me,thank you!.syi

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