P17 Passive 3D Glasses Circular Polarized Lenses for Polarized TV Real D 3D Cinemas for Sony Panasonic


* Environmental friendly ABS plastic frame, imported circular polarized lenses films.
* Light, economical and practical 3D glasses design makes it easy to take.
* You can experience 3D visual effect at home without going to cinema.
* 3D Glasses don't need to be charged, free from signal and wave interference.
* Suitable for different TV model like For Real D 3d theaters, dual projectors 3D cinemas, home 3d cinemas, for LG/ for Philips/ for Vizio/ for Toshiba/ for Sony/ for Panasonic Passive 3D TV.

1. Confirm your TV is Polarized 3D TV and 3D TV format before purchasing the 3D glasses. It doesn't support shutter 3D TV.
2. Please don't clean the glasses with water or dishwasher, clean it by a dry cloth or ultraviolet sterilization machine.

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