Smart Lithium Battery Charger with LCD Display Rechargeable Battery Charger for 3.7V/3.8V Lithium-ion Batteries(26650/18650/18500/18350/17670/16340/14500/10440)



Micro USB DC 5V input, single-slot charging and it can intelligent recognition of rechargeable lithium battery.

Compatible with almost all types of cylindrical Li-ion rechargeable batteries( 26650/18650/18500/18350/17670/16340/14500/10440).

With LCD screen to display the information of the exact amount of electricity, charging current and battery voltage, convenient for you to check battery status at anytime.

It adopts the charging mode of constant current and constant voltage.

The charger allows users to choose charging currents between 0.5A and 1.0A by pressing the switch button.

Supports battery reverse connection protection, short circuit protection and over-voltage protection to ensure the charger and the battery will not be damaged.

The retractable spring can be adjusted according to the length of the battery, suitable for diameter below 26mm and lengths ranging from 34mm to 70mm rechargeable Lithium-ionbatteries.

The charger appearance and surface is without scratch, spot and crack, and the stainless spring is free from rust.


1. Smart charger only, the batteries in the picture are not included.

2. Only suitable for rechargeable 3.7V/3.8V Lithium-ion batteries, please do not charge unsuitable batteries, otherwise may damage the batteries and charger and cause unnecessary loss.

3. Please do not use the charger in rainy days/snowy days or place it in the high or low temperature environment or expose it to direct sunlight.

4. Please do not drop the charger or put heavy weight thingd on it.

5. Children should not use this product without adult's supervision.

6. Please do not disassemble or assemble this charger.

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